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Deaf Chat: #W-O-W!

by Hawke Robinson last modified Sep 20, 2015 11:04 PM
The general consensus from many of the deaf community that attended this evening's deaf chat was "#W-O-W"!

People began showing up at the Starbucks well before the 6:00 pm timeline.
At it's peak, around 6:30 to 7:30, i took several head counts, and at one 
point there were FIFTY ( 50 ) people there!

It started to trickled down after 7:30, and we wrapped up mostly around 
8:20/30 or so.

it was a bit "cozy" during the peak time to be sure.

It was nice to see people from EWU, SCC/SFCC, and even Whitworth all 

There were also a number of people I have not seen attend this event before, but those of us in Sandy Carr's class would have recognized them from last quarter's meeting at "The Station" coffee house, and the Pot Luck Christmas dinner.

Many others were from the EWDHHC (Eastern Washington Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center). and others I had not seen/met before.

There were some hearing people who were not ASL students as well, or even students at all, but wanted to make a connection with the deaf community, and/or improve/practice signing.

I was asked by several deaf participants to relay their thanks for everyone 
making such a great showing, and being so friendly and engaging and caring.

This was by far the largest, and best showing to date for the deaf coffee 

Bravo to everyone who attended!
Keep on spreading the word. Most who attended either heard about it through the site, or ASL teachers, or by word of mouth. So telling others, and inviting others (and providing rides as I and others did), will really help more people to be present in bridging the gap between the deaf and hearing communities. And helping those in the hearing community become less uncomfortable around any group of people that maybe has a difference in language, communication, or culture, either real or perceived.

I witnessed a number of younger, less experienced students feeling awkward,  and being "wall flowers", but with just a little encouragement to go up and  do the basics such as sign their name and school they're attending, they ended up engaged in signing conversations lasting 20 to 30 minutes or longer.

If you couldn't make it this time, it's a shame you missed out, it was a fun 
and engaging environment with a great positive energy, but it'll be there 
again next month. ;-)

And of course there are the 4 weekly study groups as well.

Until then,
Happy signing!