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Deaf Coffee Chat March 9th 2007, INCREDIBLE turnout!

by Hawke Robinson last modified Sep 20, 2015 11:08 PM
We had at one point 62 people in the coffee shop signing away!

I tried to keep a head count every 30 minutes or so, and at peak, around 7:00 pm we had 62 people in the Starbucks signing away (for the most part, some few were wall flowers). There were others that came at other times of the evening, so actually total attendance by different folks was greater.

    There were somewhere between a dozen to almost 20 deaf or hard of hearing there as well. And at least 2 instructors from SCC & EWU showed up (Hey there Kellie Marie and Sinay), thanks for coming!

    Thanks to everyone for spreading the word, please kept getting the word out, this is a great chance to communicate and bridge the communication divide between the hearing and deaf communities.

    Spread the word, and plan on attending next months Deaf Coffee Chat as well, let's keep the momentum going!