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Dropping Listing for Spokane ASL

by Hawke Robinson last modified Aug 24, 2019 04:27 PM
Due to yet another price increase, and very little benefit from using, we will be dropping them August 2019. Here is information on how to keep getting updates about the latest American Sign Language meetings and events in the greater Spokane area.

Meetup is once again raising their monthly rate. I've been paying this out of pocket for many years, but this last increase is more than Meetup is worth as far as functionality, so I'm letting folks know I'm stepping down as organizer if anyone wants to take over paying what will be around $200/year. Unless someone else steps up as organizer and wants to pay, the current subscription will expire September 21st, 2019.

Meanwhile you can use our website or our social media for organizing all future sessions, communication and update.

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Happy Signing!

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