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Status Update

by Hawke Robinson last modified Sep 20, 2015 11:42 PM
While I haven't been running my weekly Saturday ASL study groups for some time now, there are still many ASL-related groups very actively running throughout the greater Spokane area. See the Links and Meetings sections of this site for the various active gatherings.

Due to the low attendance of the study group in recent months, I have stopped showing up for those meetings. If enough people wanted to resume meeting regularly, I would be happy to facilitate, but everyone can easily continue the meetings without me. :-)

Meanwhile, there are still many other regular ASL gatherings all over town, please see the Meetings and Links section of this site, and there you can find the links to get the latest information.

If you have a group or site you would like updated or added to that list, please feel free to email spokaneasl at gmail dot com, and I will gladly update accordingly.

Happy Signing!


(509) 481-5437 (Text okay too).